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Many thanks to those who have contributed to our projects, including...

Blum, Stephen.  (ethnomusicologist, primary advisor for Katharine's Ph.D. dissertation)
Brown, Cameron.  (bass on Deer Head Inn and Cage albums)
Bullock, Belden. (bass on Soulmates album)
Cage, John.  (C. F. Peters, buying link for Cage's Songbooks and "Aria" [Cage album])
Cartwright, Brett.  (bassist, singer-songwriter, brother)
Cartwright, Erik.  (guitarist, guitar/amp technician, brother)
Coulter, David.  (Deer Head Inn album cover photography, numerous promotional photos)
Deer Head Inn.  (site of Deer Head Inn live album, home of jazz in Poconos for over 50 years)
Dorough, Bob.  (compositions, including "Bittersweet and Balmy" on Deer Head Inn album)
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence.  (buying link for A Coney Island of the Mind and other poems [Ferlinghetti album])
Goodwin, Bill.  (drums and producer of Deer Head Inn, Soulmates, and Cage albums)
Hall, Sharon.  (promotional photography)
Harriton Carved Glass.  (Harriton Carved Wax's aesthetic grandparent)
Heath, Jimmy.  (compositions, including Ellington's Stray Horn on Deer Head Inn album, advisor on Katharine's Ph.D. dissertation)
Holen, Mark.  (Zambomba's composer-percussionist-leader, Noches Flamencas and other albums)
IAJE Resource Team, Sisters in Jazz.  (International Association for Jazz Education's Mentoring Program and Collegiate Competition for women)
IASJ.  (International Association of Schools of Jazz)
IWJ.  (International Women in Jazz, Executive Board)
Jazz India Vocal Institute.  (studies of Indian classical music with Dhanashree Pandit-Rai, under the direction of Niranjan Jhaveri)
KRTU - Jazz 9.17.  (Katchie hosts Planet Jazz, a weekly radio show and webcast)
Liebman. David (Artistic Director of IASJ and dissertation consultant)
Mann, Thomas.  (cover art on Cage album, buying link for Thomas Mann jewelry and objets d'art)
McMahon, Barbara.  (graphic design of Deer Head Inn and Soulmates albums)
Munj, Bhooshan. (tabla on Mumbai album)
Northwest Vista College, San Antonio, Texas. (Katchie joined faculty in 2006)
Oppenheim, Eleonore. (Richard and Katchie's daughter, toured with the Philip Glass Ensemble)
Pacific St Records.  (Soulmates release)
Pandit-Rai, Dhanashree.  (Indian classical khayal/thumri singer, Katchie's "guru")
Red Rock Recording.  (Deer Head Inn, Soulmates, and Cage recordings)
Roy, Badal.  (tabla on Cage/Mumbai live performances)
Small World. (Rich joined forces with San Antonio stalwarts Kyle Keener and Polly Harrison in 2006)
Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM), Southern Plains Chapter. (Formed in 2008, Katchie is Web Administrator)
Sreenivasan, Rajesh.  (mridangam and kanjeera on Mumbai album)
Venkatesh, R.  (morsing and ghatam on Mumbai album)
Weidman, James. (piano on Deer Head Inn, Soulmates, and Cage albums, title cut on Soulmates)
Wood, D.  (guitarist-composer, creative consultant on Mumbai project)
Woods, Phil.  (saxophonist-composer, notes on Deer Head Inn album, advisor on Katharine's Ph.D. dissertation)

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