photo by David Coulter 

A Mumbai of the Mind
Ferlinghetti Improvisations

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Johnny Nolan - "poor Johnny Nolan has a patch on his ass..."
Poet Like an Acrobat - "constantly risking absurdity and death..."
Peacocks Walked - "peacocks walked under the night trees in the lost moonlight..."
The Dog - "a real live barking democratic dog..."
Kafka's Castle - "Kafka's castle stands above the world like a vast Bastille..."
Waiting - "for a rebirth of wonder...for a war to be fought which will make the world safe for anarchy..."
Still She Dances - "she loved to look at flowers, smell fruit, and the leaves had the look of loving..."

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south x southwest 2008: elephant room performances with west african bassist-percussionist adolphe yacé and dancers jayne king & bana ramanath - read the express-news story
artist perspectives: what was ferlinghetti doing in mumbai?
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reviews and quotes
quintet profiles (bios)
feature story on the project (jim beal, san antonio express-news - march 2008)

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To buy the CD, visit the harriton carved wax SHOP


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