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richard oppenheim (sax) and katchie cartwright (voice, flutes, keyboard) perform together and separately in various ensembles, including...

cartwright/oppenheim (texas) quintet
With their first recording released in New York in 1994, the Cartwright/Oppenheim Quintet is in its twenty-first year. Co-leading the group are alto saxophonist Richard Oppenheim and multi-instrumentalist and ethnomusicologist Katchie Cartwright. Based in San Antonio, Texas, the 2015 band embraces "great global songbook" repertoire from Katchie & Le Monde Caché, including selections from Tales and Tongues, her 2012 release.

The Texas edition of the quintet is instrumental, as Cartwright returns to her first instrument, with her flutes and piccolo refracting her multilingual singing voice in a multi-genre world-jazz repertoire that encompasses Brazilian bossa and choro, Yiddish and French swing, Latin American bolero and tango, East European klezmer, and Sephardic romanza. The band is a duo of duos, with Polly Harrison on guitars and Kyle Keener on drums, known to San Antonio audiences as Small World. Tyler Jackson's double bass completes the ensemble. Perhaps best known for his work as bassist with Ray Price, Jackson is also an award-winning banjoist. Download group bio / publicity contact 210-829-1618 / bookings 210-643-1598

katchie & le monde caché
Specializing in multilingual jazz in seven tongues, Katchie & Le Monde Caché ("the hidden world") perform gems in French, Italian, Spanish, Yiddish, Portuguese, Italian, and Judeo-Spanish (Ladino), plus instrumental music from jazz to bolero to klezmer...

"Rare are individuals with doctorates in ethnomusicology. Rarer still are the Ph.D.s who put ethnomusicological theory into practice. Katchie Cartwright is of that uncommon breed. The native New Yorker, whose previous projects included musical tributes to composer/philosopher John Cage and bohemian poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, relocated to San Antonio in 2006. There, in addition to academic duties at Northwest Vista College, she launched a radio show, Planet Jazz, devoted to what she calls the 'global songbook.' Now Cartwright, who doubles on vocals and flute, has united with her husband, Richard Oppenheim, pianist Mark Lomanno (another gifted ethnomusicologist), bassist Billy Satterwhite and drummer Kevin Hess to explore 10 selections from that vast multi-lingual songbook. .... Indeed, Cartwright and company excel at ways to illuminate standards with non-English roots, shaping tangos, bossas, swing numbers and soft ballads with unilateral mastery and imagination."- Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes

richard oppenheim's A&R band
Richard Oppenheim's A&R Band matches some of San Antonio's finest improvising artists with rare repertoirecomposed by some of the greatest jazz musicians of the past fifty years. photo

rich & katch duo
With Katchie at the keys and Rich's sultry swinging saxophone, this little duo with a big repertoire is an appropriate choice for a party with close friends or other intimate occasion in a tiny space. Great American and global songbooks. All the best tunes and many surprises. Cole Porter, the Gershwins, Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hart, Bessie Smith, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Carlos Gardel, Charles Trenet, Kurt Weill, Picon and Ellstein, the list is long...

rich & katchie & friends
Rich & Katchie play jazz favorites in a variety of duo, trio, quartet, and quintet settings with some of the best jazz musicians in San Antonio...

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Katchie teaches world music and directs the student jazz ensemble (big band) and A-JAM honors jazz mentorship program at northwest vista college

photo by stephen g mcdowell