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La Faute de la Musique

Songs of John Cage

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Aria (with extra Brown) - "hampart-zoum...dirouhi di questa terra...?"
Solo for Voice 43 ("la faute de la musique") - "et tout cela m'est advenu par la faute de la musique"
Apartment House - Cage said "I could like a great deal of jazz if we had a great deal of it at one time."
Solo for Voice 17 ("telegraph harp") - "what more wonderful than a wire stretched between two posts?"
Solo for Voice 72 ("Mensa, Osaka") - "Mensa, Osaka, Tehran, Serpens..."
Solo for Voice 12 ("mud luscious") - "a gandharva or a gandharvi..."
Solo for Voice 27 ("lusty growth") - "radiant as gems on weeds..."

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luminaria 2008: a multimedia cage mini-circus at the magik theatre in san antonio - dance, electronics, video projections, music, theatre, philosophy
artist perspectives: what kinds of cages had we gotten ourselves into?
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